WEB Application Development/support


What we do in FrontEnd?

  • Legacy Application Modernization ServicesUI/UX design to make your content user-friendly.
  • Device independent HulkLogic framework to display on any device.
  • Use data analytics to represent important metric of your business.
  • Modernization of existing web interfaces.
  • Integration with other applications / legacy web systems.

What Front END technology we use & support?

HTML5, JavaScript, AngularJS, NodeJS, Bootstrap,Tableau, GoogleChart, API's and other resources for managing software delivery.

We also support mobile app development in


Application / Support

What we do in BackEnd?

  • Database design of business data.
  • Design and integrate security aspects to business data (Authentication, Authorization, Login and session management).
  • Software implementation of your business functionalities.
  • Solution design/delivery of business data analytics requirement.
  • Creating API's to expose business data.

What Front END technology we use & support?

Programming: Scala, Java, C++, .NET. Database: Oracle, MySQL and others. Cloud services: Azure, Amazon Web services, Google Cloud.

Application Migration and Support:

  • Legacy Application Modernization Services.
  • App Modernization Services and Modern Web development.


  • Reliable applications which will decrease your costs with fewer disruptions.
  • More flexibility for your staff to work on strategic initiatives.
  • Modern applications and platforms that are cost-efficient and will keep your business competitive.