We Create, Design, and Make it Real.We provide the best customer support experience in the industry.

Together we represent a century of experience in IT business domain.

----HulkLogic is a pioneer in modular development and business logic to fit your complete business needs and deliver in time. With a century of experience from processor-level engineering to data management and security, from Mobile/cloud computing to big data analytics, we guarantee top-quality talents who will solve your challenges.

HulkLogic expertise lies in offering its clients a fundamentally unique combination of following attributes:

  • Latest technology to support your innovation.

  • Broad set of products and services.

  • Delivery via a scalable, quality-assured model.

  • Industry leading customer support experience.

These service attributes are designed for the success of our customers. Thus, HulkLogic positioning itself as your strategic IT partner.

“We transform your IT pain

Into your financial gain”

Debu Upadhyay, PhD, CEO

HulkLogic specializes in IT strategy and consulting. Our consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities. We bring in-depth functional and technical expertise. Our holistic perspective to the problem and intricate details help companies to solve highly cross-functional challenges.

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Our Team

Frank C. Forest Jr.


P. K. Upadhyay

Chief Operating Officer and Head of Customer Accounts

Debu Upadhyay


Madhava S


Herri Michel

VP of Marketing and Sales

Ryan Rue

Technical Business Manager

Rajesh Kumar

Director of Engineering

Sudheer Varanasi

Head of Product Management

Subodh Ingle

Marketing Specialist

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